In the past years, there was no revolution of smartphones or any other gaming computers in the market. The only option gamers had to play hardcore games is gaming consoles. If you are a 90’s kid and want to experience these kinds of gaming again then the Sony PlayStation 3 is the best gaming console you can get for yourself and play games. In this article, we will discuss the PlayStation 3 price India and discuss its price and specification as well. Check out the following article below:

The Sony Playstation 3 is integrated with WiFi and Blu ray player which is featured with a touch-sensitive power button, HDD access and WLAN access indicator lights for better usability and four USB ports. The specification for the PlayStation 3 includes measuring 12.8”*3.8”*10.8” width, height and length as well. It comes with 60 GB hard drive with power base 3.2 GHz processor and a set of 4 USB ports. 

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As we have discussed earlier this gaming console is set up with built-in Blu ray drive with some online shopping features. All the games that you play in this console are HD ready and built-in WiFi for free online multiplayer games. If you compare the Playstation 3 with the recent edition of gaming consoles then it might lag for some features and quality but if you ask any 90’s kid then this gaming console will surely make you feel amazing while playing games. 

The PlayStation 3 price India is marked almost 22,000 in most of the online or offline stores. There is no denying that this PlayStation is the best gaming console for the previous generation, current and the next generation as well. There are certain competition for this gaming console as well such as Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo and many more, but if you are looking for any particular gaming console then the PlayStation 3 is the coolest one you can get in the market.

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The games played in this console are just beyond amazing, we didn’t find any kind of lags or frame drops while playing high-end games like Asphalt, FIFA, GTA etc and we were just mesmerized playing all these games.

The PlayStation 3 comes with some of the best features you can ever in any other gaming console, the above-mentioned article regarding PlayStation 3 price India will help you understand about its pricing and the best specification you can get from this.


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